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André H. Nabarrete


André Nabarrete is an Associate at TQSR Escritórios Associados. He is graduated in Law (USCS) and is specialized in Economic Criminal Law (University of Coimbra Law School-IBCCrim).

Currently, he is chairman of the Economic Criminal Law Commission and the Criminal Penitentiary Policy Commission (OAB-São Caetano Sul), besides being a member of the Public Safety Commission at São Caetano do Sul.

He is a Member of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences (IBCCrim) and the Institute for the Right to Defense (IDDD). He has large experience in Criminal Law and Media, Special Criminal Legislation and Procedures, and Crimes Related to Election Procedures (PUC-SP).

Fields of Expertise

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedural Law
Economic Criminal Law


Áreas de Atuação

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