Fields of Expertise

corporate CRIMINAL LAW

The TQSR Team has had over twenty years of experience on outstanding national and international legal cases, having participated in Court hearings and debates, on the issue of Corporate Criminal Law and correlated issues.

The TQSR Team provides personalized legal services to companies and their legal representatives under criminal proceedings and criminal investigations for corporate purposes.

– Defense in corporate criminal cases

– Crimes related to the public economic regime

– Crimes related to consumer rights

– Crimes related to Tax Law

– Crimes related to the social security system

– Crimes related to the public financial system

– Crimes related to the stock market

– Crimes related to violation of principles of good public administration

– Crimes related to Labor Law

– Crimes related to violation of Public Procurement

– Crimes related to Money laundering

– Assistance on the writing and fulfilment of leniency agreements

–Negotiation of legal plea agreements and legal plea bargains with the prosecution.

  • Compliance and Investigation procedures on identification of risks for companies and financial institutions.